Monday, February 25, 2008

Class Of 93 Super Bowl Inter House@UBowl One Utama (23 February 2008)

Class of 93@UBowl One Utama

Md Shah House

Idris House

Ahmad House

Sulaiman House

Soed tgh kena psycho dgn kin

Tgh tgk skill masing-masing

Tommy "Im The Man"

Rock On!


Soed "Strike tu gu"

Najib, Yo, Mok Niza, Tanggang

Affan tgh tgk Tanggang angkat berat dgn bola bowling

Before the storm

Soed n Affan

Pron - Tournament Manager

Siapa ambik gambar siapa?

Orang nak ambik gambar dia pun nak ambik gambar

Bergaya sungguh

Najib menang kuiz lagi

Affan, Qaiser, Najib, Salleh

Md Shah House gembira nampaknya

Tommy merancang strategi

Najib, Salleh, Qaiser, Tommy

Asko, CD, Pron, Salleh

Asko, CD, Alie, Pron, Salleh

Asko, CD, Pron, Honque, Najib

Bergaya sebelum game

Pakar Psy-War - Tommy

The Champion - Salleh


Alie n Najib


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


There is a new place in the net that we can get connected with each other.

now there are 32 active people from our batch in facebook, so if you want to get connected please do register to the address given.

Just dont forget about our blog as well.