Friday, November 30, 2007

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah - 30 November 1992

Cheering kat Padang Big School

Assembly kat Hargreaves Hall

Birthday party kat pool

Cheering kat padang hoki

Kat tennis court west wing

Tarikh keramat, pada tahun 1992 Class of 93 memulakan sessi persekolahan baru sebagai Form 5. Dah jadi senior dah jadi king. Ni ada beberapa benda yang jadi pada hari tu.

  • masa snack Form 5 satu batch gi dining hall Big School
  • ada assembly untuk majlis perpisahan HM Rashdi Ramlan. Ada salam-salam dgn dia
  • dapat result French Paper SRP

Friday, November 23, 2007

Safri's Email

Kepada semua rakan batch yang dihormati,

Saya, Mohd Norsafri Bin Said dan isteri insyaallah akan berangkat ke tanah suci pada 26/11/2007 daripada Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang. Pohon diampunkan segala dosa saya terhadap kalian, dihalalkan segala makan minum, sekiranya ada hutang yang belum dilunaskan sila maklumkan dengan segera kepada saya. Doakan kami selamat pergi dan kembali serta mendapat haji yang mabrur.

Safri 013-4868993, 04-3992422

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ucop's Email

My respected brothers and distinguished Gentleman,

We've got a date to book. January 26th 2008. Please circle your calendars, block your diaries, update your organizers, inform your PAs, bribe your wives, and do whatever if you have to, but please attend our big get together gathering, with nothing else in mind, but to eratkan tali siratulrahim antara kita, family members of Class of '93.

Attached here with are the unofficial minutes which I have had been (un)fortunate enough to compile for the sake of all not present but concern and care about all of our fellow brothers whom we have shared so much with during our time in Koleq.

Of course, the main agenda would be to select among us, those entrusted to carry on the torch burning, 15 years after we leave school, for us to move as on again as a single entity and to contribute to the general people at large. In this gathering, we hope to renew old ties, bury old hatchets, and forged new friendship as we try to live within the Koleq spirit within us, in any way that we can.

The selection of our Class of '93 Batch Committee would be deemed futile and syok sendiri, if the turn out to elect them is only a handful. It is the hope of the pro-tem organizers, headed volunteerily by Sdr Poen and heavily aided by his special AJKs (who were elected by virtue of attending Saturdays function, nonetheless had pledged their utmost commitment to the cause) to get the maximum attendance to this function, which also coincides with our 15 years upon leaving Koleq.

For 15 years we have been operating in an adhoc and makeshifts manner while many of us pursue the roads of academic, marry and struggle with the day to day operational life demand. Now that the majority of us has more or less settle down, it is time we get organized for the sake of distributing the charity that we are capable of, in view of menjaga dan mengharumkan nama baik Koleq dan mengeratkan hubungan siratulrahim antara semua anggota Class of '93. All are welcome to this event, including Norman Hakim, Mok Niza, Zahari, Hardy, Rahmat Iskandar, to name a few and every one who had in any way been associated with us from day one till the graduation of Class of '93. So if any of you know their whereabouts, please, do inform them of this gracious invitation.

Lets make this event a tremendous success of the new year. With ample notice, dedication and support form all of us, we can hope to rekindle the spirit of camaderie (no kechoq, nobody dearie in particular J ) between us that is the epitome of our Malay College trademark, the band of brothers and its enviable brotherhood of unity.

The date I am priviledge to inform is January 26, 2007 . Venue is tentatively at Kelab Shah Alam.

On a separate note, the majlis tahlil for Arwah Shahrol Nizam and Kamal Erfan went smoothly. The invited Ustaz was pleasant in leading the bacaan tahlil and doa selamat in the event. The food by Sdr Bob Caterer prove to be enough for tea, dinner and supper and the free flow air sirap laced with limau and kopi O sees that the thirst is quenched. The turnout was naturally a bit low, but considerably acceptable considering the busy nature of many of us, nevertheless as we are so fond of saying, better to have some reps than none at all.

There are rooms of improvement that we can work on, it all depends on the success of us updating the batch register and keeping in touch with each other.

I stayed back with Alie, Kicap, Pron, Bob, Hongue, Yo, CD, Sadat, Yazeed, Izzat, Soed till the closing, and the chat we had was like a dejavu scene from a common room setting in Big School. Armed with cushion pillows on the floor, tobacco and slices of limau, we talked about many many things Koleq. One chat led to another, and 14 years after I left school, only did I know that it was Aris who were the only one really blowing the err-whatever- he-was-blowing instrument in the Band team. The rest were merely play-acting, and according to Kicap, there were a few other juniours in the band team who could play as well. From band, next thing we know we were profiling every body to their Tuesday activities. The cadets, the scouts, cadet bomba, the pbsm and its scandalous gossips. Before long, conversation turns to sukan tara (don't asked me how it got there) and during this conversation that Yo inform us that all the Piala Pusingan in the Year 93 had no records shown, as Koleq kinda 'lost' them. We agreed to somehow push this bit of important revelation into the Minutes section, in Other related maters although it wasn't discussed at that time. Obviously, somebody needs to address the issue, and set the records straight while we are still not too old to remember. It is already a gargantuan task to recalled what Jengkalona's real name was, prompting Bob to offer an RM 10 bet to anyone who could deliver his real name in that forum. Much to the dismay of Bob, Pron managed to deliver an injury time 'shukri' to the 'ahhhs' and laughter from everybody who seem to agreed that was Jengka's real name. I wouldn't know, though I could strangely remember how he was assigned the nickname to start with. (Jengs- jgn marah aku)We remember many other strange things that happened years ago, notably on how Dud managed to sail clear in the high jump events. To this day, I still couldn't compute the logic on how Dud was able to defy the gravity at big school. Back in 1992,, he was probably just a few kilos less than me, but I felt like the gravity was pulling me with a G-force magnitude. Somebody suggested that a rematch of 100m inter house took place, and that somebody after seeing Fauzi Rosli aka Dadar, (a former Sulaiman House sprinter) recently, conveniently declared to me that Leyman can forget whatever slim chances they had about winning. (was it you Soed?)

I cant go on rambling about that night, but I am sure you could imagine that sense of dejavu I talked about. Its like we never leave that school, because Soed look so bloody who he used to be, and CD is the same version except for the additional jambang attached to his face, like an option form the altar you could select in Yahoo. Yazeed, okay Yazeed did transform like his Transformers msg alert, and somehow the nick Gumox really doesn't seems applicable no more. Yazeed is now slim and he did contributed in the meeting in real live mode, prompting Hongue and the rest to quickly remind him- woi –ko bukan cakap dalam email jer ke? That aside, the conversation, the laughter, the Bob-Alie-Sadat tag team of cracking jokes out of anything and everything, I swear I couldn't find a better place to heal. And to think all this took place without Mamaque, Pogym, Niko and the rest, I look forward to another event of such gathering.

Deep in my heart, I knew both arwah's would have approved the spirit friendship and family-like reunion we had that night. Trust me, it's not for sale. The feeling is magic.


Majlis Tahlil 17 November 2007 : MCOBA Penthouse

Oi Yazeed duduk lah

Yazeed duduk lah

Sdr Pengerusi...Poen

Meeting batch


Apsal dgn kaki Bob


Mr Metrosexual pakai cufflink

Meeting batch

Meeting batch nak start

Najib, Alie, Pron

Sorel, Yo, Asko, Kess

Honque, Kicap, Najib, Alie

Juadah yang disediakan oleh Bob

Sebelum meeting batch

Jamah sikit

Tommy, Kicap, Asko, Sorel

Hantu Pron datang balik

Semua dah kenyang

No Smoking

Dah habis makan


Menikmati makanan yg disediakan oleh Bob

Bob dgn Pron makan sampai licin

Alie, Uztaz dgn Poen

Senyum sikit

Cd dgn Pron sebelum Pron disampuk hantu

Makan-makan lepas tahlil

Makan-makan lepas tahlil

Bob dgn gaya penceramah PAS

Kicap, Najib, Yo and Asko

Melepakkan diri sebelum tahlil

Poen tgh discuss dgn Uztaz sebelum tahlil

Majlis tahlil bermula

Soed dgn gaya ketua kampung

Sebelum mula majlis tahlil

Bersantai di Penthouse

Friday, November 16, 2007

Remembering Allahyarham Shahrol Nizam

Remembering Allahyarham Shahrol Nizam

by Yusoff Shaffirul

…Having completed four TN Data Center moves, I decided to keep momentum and proceed with MNI dev move. After the Hari Raya holidays, the first weekend was catered for MNI production move. The Move itself was a success, albeit completion only at 1030pm that Sunday. What follow suit the next day, was something I was totally unprepared for. I had been anticipating calls form the various Application leads and Users on the post migration activities, instead the first call I received that morning was from Aris Abdillah. Not having stored his mobile number, it was a pleasant surprised to learn that it was Aris. Composed as Payung has always been, he asked me if the 'news' were confirmed. I remembered my shock and struggle to remain calm, I told Aris I need to make a few round of calls to check, however deep in my heart- we knew people don't joke about these kinda things. It was indeed a sad sad day that following Monday for me, upon learning the death of a close friend, brother and comrade in our own ways.

Shahrol Nizam Yusof, or simply Shahrol as I have known him, passed way that morning of October 22nd 2007, leaving behind a heavily pregnant wife and 3 beautiful daughters. His fourth child was due to be delivered in 2 weeks time. At the time of writing, I learned that his wife had safely given birth to their baby boy last Friday. Shahrol death came as sudden news to many of us. We were only in our 31 st year, and he did look so healthy. Post mortem report indicates that Shahrol died of heart failure, due to some blockage of the vessels inside the heart.

I remembered Arwah as a very nice kid back in my school days. He was in 1 PK 1, and Arwah was a jovial, cheerful lad who is generous with smiles and grins. Among my earliest memory of Arwah, was during our get to know conversation, and I could clearly remember him telling me he was from Kuala Nerang Kedah. We immediately convert to our northern slang since that, and get along quite well in school, partly because we are in the same Sulaiman House. I always thought Arwah to be quite religious. He entered the hafazan Yasin competition sometime when we were in Form 2 or 3, being those few who were struggling with my Quran reading back in school, I remembered my utter amazement back than at anyone who could hafal the entire surah! I did not remembered who eventually won the competition, but I sure hope those early promising moments of his life are indeed testimonials of his deep faith in his religion, as Arwah lies in transition to the hereafter.

I guess we see less of each other as we go along the higher Forms, partly because we were in different dorm and stream. Subsequently, after SPM I heard Arwah got to study in the UK, where he eventually met his wife and subsequently married. I guess he was those few who marries early in life, and is blessed with about 9 years of marriage life with beautiful children. I remembered him holding a reception ceremony upon coming back from his studies; Arwah took the trouble to send me an invitation card to his function in Kedah. By now, I guess he had move to Pokok Sena. I remembered this well as upon coming back to Penang from UM for one of my breaks, my dad was enthusiast in telling me I got a wedding invitation from a friend in Pokok Sena. Despite my token grunts of having my mails opened, immediately I recalled it might be Shahrol, and upon looking at the card it was confirmed. I was happy for him, sadly, I do not have the opportunity to attend his function than. Looking back now, I wish I had, I wish I had taken more trouble to be present on important occasions such as those, as the realms that we live here 'temporarily' in this world certainly did not register back that, despite the consistent and random reminder we always get from time to time.

I only met Arwah again after a long, long time. I couldn't remember if he attended our 2003 reunion. If any of you culd, let me know, it might be the first time I saw him back after so long. Maybe my memory is failing me, but I did recalled seeing him again sometime early in 2005. I knew he was working in Petronas, and on one occasion I was seeing Rafizi ('94) at Suria KLCC, Arwah joined us. That was how I learned that they were very close friends. I must admit that Arwah look very different form the days I know him, overnight, he has grown tall and lanky, not the short and small guy he was in school. And the he did look different with his beard and moustache that he kept. He remains though, the soft spoken intelligent person I used to know, and the occasional glimpses of the wry smile and unmistakable grin did affirm to me that this is indeed the Shahrol that I know.

Since than, we met a few times, notably during a Malay College Fund Raising Dinner sometime in March 2005, organized by MCOBANITA, a joined wives of MCOBs association, in view of the 100 years road show. I think Naman was there too on that occasion, and Arwah was there in his capacity as a volunteer to usher the invited former teachers of MCKK. I asked him, how did he got involved with these activities, and Arwah said, he felt a compelling urged to get himself involved with any Malay College activities as his way of giving something in return, to the school that nurture him to become where he is today. I remembered that conversation well, because Arwah later gave me a lift back to my office at Jalan Melaka where I parked. I had stayed back to help him see the last of the guest teachers leaving, and we escorted a painter teacher who was holding a small gallery exhibition in conjunction with that dinner. Little did we both know at that time, why Arwah was rushing to do his bit. From Rough's blog, I realized that Arwah had done many other Koleq- related activities, including helping organized the present debaters training session with the old debaters/ coaches. We parted ways that night with the usual promises to keep in touch etc… promises that is always hard to keep in this mad mad world we live in.

The next time, and probably last I saw Arwah was during the MCOBA Annual dinner in 2005, in KLCC Convention Center. We chatted til the wee hours in the morning. Again being part of the organizer committee, Arwah had dispatched his duties exceptionally well that night. He was involved with the Sound and Lighting queue for the event. I joked that he has finally fulfilled his wishes to be part of MCCC after leaving school. It is this kinda jokes that really binds us, old boys as we recalled an era that we leave behind.

Some time this year, Arwah text msg me to say that he is on Utusan Malaysia first page picture, in a picture with the President of Petronas, Tan Sri Hassan Merican. I cant remember exactly what the original news was about, but it was a picture of a round table meeting with many parties, and Arwah was part of the meeting delegation, probably in his capacity form the corporate planning unit. I did call him and congratulate, and said that I look forward to the day people text me and said they were on the same picture with him instead, as future leader in Petronas. Arwah confided with me, very humbly as he was, that it was such an insignificant and small role in that meeting he helped organized, but it was a memorable moment in his life, to be part of his CEO's delegation, and Arwah had a lot of respect and passion for his organization and work. I was happy that I convinced him, any small contribution matters, and in his case, it was helping the economy of many lives that Petronas touched, not to mention to the country. So yes, he got every right to celebrate that day.

We have lost another brother and comrade in our own unique family, but the memory and goodness or Arwah should remain in our harts forever, in discharging all our duties to the best of our abilities, as a genuine budak Koleq. I'm sure that is how Arwah would have like us to remember him.

Our last contact came on Hari Raya eve, Arwah text me to wish Selamat Hari raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, mudah – mudahan segala amalan di bulan Ramadhan yang lalu di terima Allah. Again I regretted badly that I did not manage to reply the many sms that came on that day, including his. But I did amin kan his doa, that mudah – mudahan segala amalan yang baik dibulan Ramadhan yang baru berlalu di terima Allah. Maybe Arwah knew it was going to be his last Ramadhan. I sincerely pray, it has been his best. Ameen.

Semoga Allah merahmati & menempatkan Allahyarham Sharol Nizam & Allahyarham Kamal Erfan di kalangan orang2 yang beriman, dan orang2 yang dikasihi Nya. Am in.

Al- Fatihah

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MCOBA Dinner 2007 : Istana Hotel 10 November 2007

Kechoque with Ballerz

Kechoque with Suhaimi Sulaiman

Honque with MCOBAND

Honque on stage with MCOBAND

Honque, Kechoque and Yo

Honque, Kechoque and Yo pose sekali lagi

Kechoque dah transform

Sudin n Ucop

Yo and Kechoque