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MCOBA Rugby Alumni League 2007

2007 Schedule:
1. 5 Aug (Sun) - vs ExSAS Eagles (SAS Pahang) 5.30pm, Padang Utara
2. 12 Aug (Sun) - vs STJ Warriors (STJ Kuala Pilah) 5.30pm, Padang Utara
3. 19 Aug (Sun) - vs OPA 4.00pm, Padang Utara
4. 2 Sep (Sun) - va ANSARA 4.00pm Padang Utara

Kechoque NST 28/4/2007

Pastime: Bridging the divide
P.C. Shivadas

Hafiz Othman playing the classical Japanese instrument, the koto, with teacher Suke Hisako
Hafiz Othman playing the classical Japanese instrument, the koto, with teacher Suke Hisako

THERE are all kinds of heroes but they have one thing in common — they have passion to fight the odds and win.

Hafiz says living and working in Japan was a real experience
Hafiz says living and working in Japan was a real experience
Hafiz attending to Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan when they visited Malay College Kuala Kangsar on June 10, last year
Hafiz attending to Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan when they visited Malay College Kuala Kangsar on June 10, last year
Muhammad Hafiz Othman, 31, has mastered spoken and written Japanese and is, in all likelihood, the only one in the country to play the koto, a Japanese classical instrument well enough for critical acclaim.

There’s more. He is also putting himself through the rigours of learning the intricacies and delicate steps of the Japanese tea ceremony which traditionalists in that country are struggling to keep alive.

The ceremony, he explains, "represents the essence of the Japanese people and how they treat guests in the small living space that is their common reality. The language used is poetic and exposure to it widens a learner’s grasp of its subtleties".

All this puts him in a class of his own for fostering people-to-people ties between Japan and Malaysia.

He has his father, a school teacher, to thank for kindling his interest in things Japanese from young.

"My father went to Japanese school during the Occupation and I enjoyed listening to him sing Japanese songs. He has no harsh memories of the Occupation."

As a 10-year-old Hafiz found himself glued to the TV for the popular Japanese drama series Oshin, which drove him to take Japanese as a second language in his upper secondary years in Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

It was taught by teachers under the Japanese Overseas Co-operation Volunteers programme and provided him with his initial face-to-face contact with the Japanese

It was interest turned to love when the Look East policy of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad saw him go to Japan in 1993 for university education on a government scholarship for four years.

Then, with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Communication from the University of Tsukuba, he worked for a bank in Tokyo for two years as one of only three foreigners among 120 or so selected by the bank from thousands of applicants.

The other two were a Taiwanese and a mainland Chinese.

"Living and working in Japan was a real experience," recalls Hafiz of the tiny living space he had, the rush of commuting and late nights at work because he couldn’t return home before his supervisor.

"I admire the Japanese sense of discipline, respect for time and the intense love of country."

He is glad his parents were able to visit him in Japan and realise their own dream on that score.

On coming home in 2000, he worked with the Public Service Department for two years on the Japan Desk of the Look East Policy Unit, Training Division.

That gave him responsibility for co-ordinating contact between the two governments, often becoming interpreter during official meetings.

Now with the Cultural Affairs Department of the Japanese Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, his work as programme officer includes co-ordinating academic exchanges that bring Japanese professors to Malaysia for university and public lectures and local lecturers going to Japan for study and research.

He also takes care of cultural tie-ups and is currently working on theatre workshops to be held in Malaysia by Japanese experts in costume and set design and for the disabled.

"I am enjoying the best of both worlds," he says about living and working in his own native land and yet building bridges with a country he has taken to heart.

"I really don’t know if I want to be with the foundation for the rest of my life but for now, there is nothing better I would rather do," says Hafiz, who hails from Kampong Kechor, about four kilometres from Kangar.

A high achiever in school, he represented Perlis in national drawing, debating and story-telling competitions and it was as one of the top 100 pupils in the country that he gained entry into the prestigious MCKK.

He was president of the college’s Japanese Language and Culture Club (1991-92) and he remembers it well for one particular reason — the cancelled visit of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan to the college in 1991.

The Sultan of Perak, Raja Azlan Shah, was Yang DiPertuan Agong then and MCKK’s reputation as a premier learning institution offering the teaching of Japanese as a second or third language was prompter for the visit.

Although the Royal couple did come, the trip to the college was cancelled at the last minute because of the haze that enveloped the country at the time.

However, they came again last year and made it a point to visit the college and make up for the earlier disappointment. Hafiz had to be there.

When he was introduced to the Emperor, the Japanese ruler did the unthinkable. He personally retraced his steps to the Empress, who was being greeted by others, to get her to come and meet him.

"And, you know, the first thing she said to me? She said sorry (for her cancelled visit) and then thanked me most politely. Imagine the empress saying sorry and also thanking me."

It had got the better of him as a video clip of that meeting clearly shows. His tears flowed freely as he thanked her in return for making the gracious visit and expressed his desire one day to play the koto before the royal couple. It was all in Japanese and in the language of the royal household, too.

It was a scene that became a focus when footage of the visit was played on Japanese television and resulted in him being invited to Japan for television appearances and talks recalling the happy and historic occasion.

Despite success so far, he is not content and continues to take language and koto lessons for the highest levels he can possibly reach even as he works for the foundation.

It was his interest and commitment to koto that won him tutoring by a master in Japan and a concert appearance at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur in 2002 brought him to the attention of a lady koto master, Suke Hisako, who is residing in the country.

Now under her wing, he is continuing his pursuit of excellence which is being honed by his regular performances for members of the local Japan Club.

The instrument he uses was given him by the grandmother of a friend in Tokyo. She appreciated his keenness not shared by any youngster in her own family. An insurer valued it at RM60,000.

Still single, he laughs at the suggestion that he is likely to marry a Japanese.

"I wanted to marry at 28 but now my target is 35," he says, not discounting the possibility of a Japanese bride.

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Pastime: Bridging the divide (Kechoque)

For those yang tak sempat baca paper quite some time ago, here is the article about our batch Kechoque and cerita pasal Emperor Jepun datang koleq dalam NST.


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Malam Silaturahim MCOBA Selangor Barat

To all batch representatives,

Please post to your batch eGroup or somehow inform your respective batches on the above occasion. We at MCOBA Selangor Barat needs your continuous support and assistance to make this event a success. As of today (Saturday 20 July 2007) we have yet to receive any news or anyone registering for said events. So please pass the word around and get as many members to come in, we promise a very entertaining and rousing evening

Occasion : Malam Silaturahim MCOBA Selangor Barat

When : 3rd August 2007

Where : Kelab Shah Alam Selangor

Time : 8.30 pm

Cost : RM40 per head (Batch 2000 above, at discounted price

Whats Gonna Happen : RAHSIA.. be suprised

Please register your interest by replying to this email or via email, or you may sms or call the following people:

Salim – 019 220 9259

Hamdi – 019 388 6999

Rik – 012 393 1101

Azmi – 019 212 3131


’73 Mohd Shah

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Belated News

Congrats to Gopeng for the birth of his second daughter child, this time a daughter, a pair now.

News courtesy of Kicap.

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Post SRP

Cari benda tersembunyi... a pair of chopstick

dan benda tak tersembunyi... the most celebrated member of 8993 or rather 9191

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Congrats to Janda

Assalamualaikum semua,

For your information, anak aku Amirul Haziq was born on 17-7-2007 pukul 2.50 pagi weighing 3.48 kg.

Sorry lambat inform coz was on leave whole of last week.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Amir Amree

Gambar...gathering 2003

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Bargreaves Ballerz Meeting

Sesapa yang pernah involve dgn Annual Dinner or nak involve dijemput hadir ke MCOBA Penthouse pada 24 Julai 2007 untuk brainstroming session. Original invitaion email below.

Dear Chairman Ballerz et all Ballerz

AS you say, let's do it and let's do it welll. Pak Engku has een the Ballerz No 1 fan since its its inception dan years before that. WE still remember Pak Engku coming to our Penthouse practices to give advice and those thank giving and appreciation party hosted by him.

Don't forget that "Puasa" Cape Ricardo do we had at his anscestral home was his commitment for anything Ballerz. I also remeber him saying that he keep on watching tose lovely DIY tapes of the the dinner and never fail to bring a smile to his face and dare I say that Pak Engku is our Honorary Ballerz. So, in our gratitude to hi, let's put our heads together, take our the old customes, put make-up on our faces and give a performance in honour of the Mantan el-Presidente of MCOBA, which we affectionly call him Pak Engku, our Hononary Ballerz. One for the roads, two for the Ballerz, let's go

In conjuction with that and the forecoming Annual Dinner on the 10 November, I calling all Ballerz, willing and able to coming to the following "istiadat mula kerja and inception party dubbed "Majlis Untuk Renungan Takala Annual Dinner (MURTAD). The details as follows

Place: MCOBA Penthouse
Date 24-7-2007 (Tuesday)
Time: 8.30 pm onwards

So , boys, let the word out. Past Ballerz, present Ballerz and would
be Balllerz, please cum

SPICE 7276
MCOBA Annual Dinner Chairman

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Amboi tak claim batch?

Weekend Stint As a Debate Coach


we ended the dinner with a small birthday celebration for Canoe (class of '93 but dia x claim batch tu haha).after saying our goodbyes to our juniors,we headed back to Sri Kangsar,packed our bags and left for KL.

ori article here

In the news for wrong reason (The Star 17/7/2006)

10 students beat me up, says MCKK boy

KUALA KANGSAR: A student of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar here has alleged that he was beaten up by 10 schoolmates at their hostel on Sunday.

The victim, a Form Four student, was given outpatient treatment at the Kuala Kangsar Hospital following the 2.30pm incident.

His father Mej (R) Ahmad Mohd Kassim said: "They not only kicked and punched my son but also used a plastic broom to scrub my son's back."

He said he rushed here from Kedah after being informed by a teacher.

He said his son told him that the students decided to "teach him a lesson" for breaking a hostel regulation.

"My son admitted that he had gone out of the hostel to eat laksa in town.

Kuala Kangsar OCPD Supt Zakaria Pagan could not be reached for comment.

Monday, July 16, 2007

MC v Vaji 2007 (14 July 2007)

Taken from MCOB Rosli Ali email at MCOBA-Malaysia yahoogroup.

Thanks Amir,

I made my trip to KK on Friday around 5pm and managed to have time to speak to the MCKK Rugby Players at 10pm that night in one of the Form 5 classroom, together with their MCOBA External Coach Asri Aziz (Petet) and his assistant from Batch 2000.

The game was hotly contested from the starting whistle after the Vaji's kick-off. And MCKK later won their 1st Line-out on Vaji's throw. Thereafter the attacks were multiple of Ruck and Mauls, and another Line-out on MCKK's throw culminating into MCKK 1st Try. But Vaji managed to concede that in the 1st Half with 2 converted tries from under the post through our poor defenses. First Half score was 14-5.

In the 2nd Half, Vaji had the wind advantage. They managed to secure another converted try from corner post, plus a Penalty Kick. But MCKK came out still fighting and with a line-out advantage towards the end of the game, finally got the try through yet another display of multiple Ruck and Mauls. Final score was 24-10.

Pictorial of the day's event are stored at flickr.com and publicly tagged, mckkrugbyvaji20070714
URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/mckkrugbyvaji20070714/

Gamba Batch Form 5

aku post gamba batch ni sebab sadat tak ingat muka Rustam... Rustam berdiri row tengah, 4 dari kanan, sebelah Nazir Dan


Pau Yut Loy On NST 16 July 2007

50 years of eating outlets: They travel far and wide for this ‘pau’

Chong Cheen Yee is the third generation to run Yut Loy, famed for its ‘pau’ that comes in four flavours. —NST pictures by Jamah Nasri
Chong Cheen Yee is the third generation to run Yut Loy, famed for its ‘pau’ that comes in four flavours. —NST pictures by Jamah Nasri

Mention Kuala Kangsar and one of the first things that comes to mind is Malay College Kuala Kangsar. But when MCKK students reminisce about their alma mater, what comes to their memory is a little restaurant called Yut Loy, as M. HUSAIRY OTHMAN discovers

Megat Mohd Shahrin Hamdan says Yut Loy is a students’ meeting place (right),Azemi Zainol Abdin says ‘pau’ like this is not available elsewhere (left)
Megat Mohd Shahrin Hamdan says Yut Loy is a students’ meeting place (right),Azemi Zainol Abdin says ‘pau’ like this is not available elsewhere (left)
IT is almost a ritual for former Malay College Kuala Kangsar students Megat Mohd Shahrin Mohamed Hamdan and Hussein Mohd Ariff.

Their annual old boys’ reunion is incomplete if they do not drop by at Yut Loy.

"It’s a great place to catch up with your seniors and juniors and exchange hilarious stories about the time when we were students," said Megat Mohd Shahrin, 38, who is a a television producer.

He remembers the days when the "naughty" ones would stroll into the shop and head upstairs via the wooden staircase for a quick cigarette or two.

" It was worth the risk. Of course, once in a while, a few would get caught by prefects for smoking and being in an out-of-bounds area.

"It has almost become a tradition and till today, MCKK students continue to come here," Megat Mohd Shahrin said, with a laugh.

Despite being based in Kuala Lumpur and saddled with a hectic work schedule, he makes it a point to drop by whenever possible.

"The moment I’m in Ipoh, a quick drive here is a must. After all, it’s not even 50km away."

Hussein agreed that Yut Loy was a great place for networking.

"During the old boys’ weekend here, you meet senior politicians, corporate figures, the rich and famous. Basically the who’s who of the country.

"We get to know each other and exchange contact numbers for future dealings," said the 37-year-old.

Former Tenaga Nasional Bhd staff Azemi Zainol Abdin, 61, who made a brief stopover at Yut Loy on his way to Kuala Lumpur from Bukit Mertajam, said: "This (detour) is just for the pau. You can never get it (pau) like this anywhere else in the country."

A regular customer sitting nearby was overheard telling his amused friends that a good pau would not stick to one’s teeth.

Meanwhile, a local who wished to be identified only as Lim said he takes his friends to the coffee shop and treats them to the famous pau whenever they drop by.

"A visit to Kuala Kangsar is simply incomplete if one does not try the pau," he said, as he watched his friends, happily munching away on fresh pau.



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Taken from Beruk 94 blog

Journalistic Instinct From Koleq [MCKK Class of 94 Website]
by Rafizi Ramli

Venue: Bilik Warta, TAR Hall

Time: 2 am

Date: One cold January night, 1993

Details: Warta KPKM (Underground Edition)

Direction: Distribute to juniors in stages to avoid the edition from being banned, the message must reach the students at all cost

Cost: RM 100 from crew's own pockets, eternal condemnation from the 'Red Blazers'

I can still feel the 'kick', the thrill and excitement of that night and the days to come. What was initially intended to be a 'wake up call' for some quarters in the college establishment in the end turned up to be the most explosive edition ever published since Faiz Hussin branded the new Form Four intakes as 'menghabiskan bogheh je…' in 1990. Faiz's edition was banned of course, so was mine in 1993.

My crew and I started very young in Warta KPKM. To many people, Warta was a customary publication where standard reports and boring articles were published. It was a place for some set A top students, some artists and some debaters to brandish their writing talents - most of the time whatever was written was never paid any attention by the collegians. As I said - it was a customary thing, there was no ideal or driving force behind it - except perhaps the privileges to stay up late, walk around college ground when others have to sleep (or pretend to sleep), the occasional treats by the senior Warta Crew. To some insignificant few, Warta was a vehicle used by senior crew members to recruit jambus and get close to them - though looking at the kind of people who joined Warta before, during and after my time; I doubt that the claim was ever substantiated! Sumali? Ooo come on people, you could do better than that!

But there's more to Warta than an avenue for people to boost their ego - at least that was my feeling. Warta gave us opportunities to explore, to question and to criticise. Warta was my first rendezvous with journalism and criticism - and God I never stop criticising ever since. Warta nurtured this conviction that there should be a freedom of speech and press - a notion I still vigorously pursue up to this very moment. Without this press freedom, democracy and the evolvement of a mature society will be stunted. To me, this was Warta's biggest perk - the ability to demonstrate how powerful and useful an independent and free press can be in a maturing society.

Of course I didn't really see it that way when I first joined Warta 10 years ago. I had the basic principles, the rough idea - but it was never articulated in that way. Warta was more of an adventurous ride; and what made it more fun was that it allowed you to speak your mind (you have to face up the consequences of course!). That exactly what we did in 1993 - we just wanted to speak up our mind - in our views, the mind of the masses (as most journalists and writers would incline to assume).

The issue was very simple - the Union election was coming and there was a big split within the Form 5. The battle line was already drawn, with the two giants - Fifth Formers and Prefectorial Board - were set for their biggest war yet. The ground was about to be shaken and as always, the weaker and powerless juniors would be trapped in the middle. In this big clash - the eventual winners would undoubtedly be the Form Fives (prefects and non-prefect alike); the big losers were the juniors they dragged with them in their battle to stake a claim to this popularity contest.

This was my concern albeit a dubious one at the time - since unscrupulous rumours began circulating in the run up to the election that the Warta issue was self-motivated. I was concerned that the juniors - especially the defenseless Form One to Three - would have to pledge allegiance to one of the two factions or risk possible 'clamp down'. The Prefects have absolute control of the Form Ones and Twos, no doubt the Seniors have a major influence over the Form Threes. The Form Fours of course were more independent - but having been there myself, I hate to imagine the kind of demeaning 'brainwashing' these juniors have to endure. They never succeeded in 'brainwashing' me of course; but I wish no one would have to be subjected to that kind of ordeal - not so much of the physical pain, but the fact that most of what they said were insults to our intelligence!

There is even a bigger consequence than this - it created a culture of fear among collegians for generations. It is for the same reasons that whatever your Prep School prefects preached were always deemed as sacred though you couldn't help but notice the kind of double standard morons some of them were. Thanks to this culture of fear - Form Threes were always trapped between following whatever dictated by the prefects and the 'standing rules' set by seniors. Most importantly, the loss of intellectual independence in most budak koleq by the time they reach Form Three could be attributed to this - they were not taught to think for themselves, they were programmed to follow what others think for them.

Of course one could argue that there is a very fine line between exercising intellectual independence and an outright 'kurang ajar', but it takes an independent and wise person to articulate his opinions yet still remains within that 'kurang ajar' boundary. More often than not, it is the less wise with weaker arguments who have to resort to 'kurang ajar' motive to rescue them - in the same way unity and Malay interest are often used as an unillustrative escape pod by some politicians nowadays when they are cornered. Even more pitiful, these motives were used to gear people against bogeys like annexation of Malaysia, Chinese and Islamic extremism et al. This kind of pathetic attempts at diverting attention from the real issues were also abundant in Malay College.

The Union voting system made matters worse; because votes were cast by show of hands - clearly giving away the most important feature of a credible election i.e. confidentiality. It was very easy to monitor who votes for whom given the number of Form Fives was far in excess of Form Three. In the end, it presented the juniors with a grim option - choose against your conscience or risk being taunted for weeks to come. It might sound petty for us who have gone through life this far, but for a 15-year old chap who still wet his bed - that's a big deal!

I was also not satisfied with the kind of unequal coverage both factions were given. While the Prefects have absolute access to the Form Ones and Forms Twos (in fact they can almost dictate the personality of each candidate), the Form Fives were completely banned from having any contact whatsoever with these two batches.

Such was the situation that had prompted us to publish the 'Underground' Warta - for the first and maybe the last time. We were aware the consequences we were facing - and since technically the Chief Editor was a profound supporter of the Prefects faction, we knew he would never approve the edition. I say 'technically' because my batch had been handling the publication of Warta KPKM since the middle of 1992 - the Form 5 crew at that time were too bothered with SPM to think about Warta, and Form 4 crew; made up of only two people - were definitely outnumbered by us (7 people). So though he was still the Chief Editor - we called the shots and with the remaining Form 5 editor on our side; it was the case of one against the rest!

We had a perfect cover - the junior editors were dispatched to cover the mundane stuff i.e. report on SRP achievement, coming back to college articles; while we concentrated on the controversial issues. Kechoque who had just been appointed as a prefect openly assisted us by becoming our middle man to negotiate with a printing company outside to print the edition. If we were to go through the usual procedure of using college facility to print, we risked uncovering the 'plot' before we could deliver the Warta to readers. In the end, Kechoque and I had to fork out our own money to pay for the printing cost - all in the name of conviction and doing 'the right thing'!

The edition was successfully distributed to collegians before it was banned by the Prep School and New Hostel prefects. Fit and I had set out to distribute the edition during the juniors snack break (which was one and a half hours earlier than the senior break) with the hope that they (the juniors) would have the chance to read the articles before Warta was confiscated and banned.

I never knew whether they did read the articles - but the edition received mixed reactions from collegians. The Form Fours were of course oblivious to the issue since they were not affected. We became instant stars with the Form Fives for taking such a risk. I was of course singled out as the plotter and it marked the beginning of my 'love-hate' (mostly hate!) relationship with Malay College Prefectorial Board and those under their commands. Even during my last days in MCKK, I still feel the juniors had religiously believed whatever their prefects had told them as a result of that Warta episode. In their eyes, I must be one of the most evil souls ever roamed Malay College; camouflaged as a defender of the right to free press and to criticise.

The Union voting system was completely overhauled - the Administration found themselves burdened with an impending clash between the Prefects and the Form Fives. The show of hands method was scrapped and replaced by ballots. The Prefectorial Board candidates lost all seats contested. Warta KPKM was banned for a while, I was not allowed to write until 1994 when the issue was completely forgotten by everyone - sometimes it is appealing to agree that our memories only last for 100 days as assumed by some 'conspirators' recently!

Almost eight years on, I cannot help but relate all these events with the current struggle in our beloved country. Culture of fear, oppression, limited coverage, underground movement - all resonate back to the time when we were in college. Strictly using chemist' talk - life and politics in college are really 'isometric' of the overall picture of Malaysian ways of doing things. That is why I always feel students should be nurtured from Prep School to appreciate the essence of a free, mature and just society i.e. justice, rights and obligations, freedom of speech and press, racial tolerance, economic synergies, positive values etc. I do wonder whether Prep School and New Hostel prefects still echo the sentiments of some orthodox Malay politicians on Malay dominance and Chinese agrression when the pupils should be cultivated to understand this new millenium whose main theme centers on racial integration, economic openness and competetion, knowledge and technology. Time changes and appropriate adaptation is required consistently lest Malay College will fall behind the way the once dominant political force borne out of this palace had.

Whatever the struggle was in college and whatever it is now - it is a common and eternal struggle for justice and righteousness. Man will always fight for justice - anywhere, anyhow, whatever the consequences maybe!

A tribute to a fabulous Warta crew, Chief Editor 1994

Underground Edition January 1993:

8993 - Azrul Hasri (Yoe), Hafiz Othman (Kechoque)

9094 - Hazly Abdullah (Chamat), Fazurin Jamaluddin (Fazurin), K. Fitri A. Kadir (Fit), Akram Othman (Picca), Razalli Bahari (Jalee), Sumali Basuri (Sumali)

2003 Reunion

Gambar batch masa lepas concert OBW 2003 masa kita punya reunion. Hopefully kita boleh organize another reunion soon.

MCOBA Royal Gala 2005 - Ballgreaves Ballerz

A few of our batchmate involve dlm production ni masa MCOBA Royal Gala 2005 sempena 100 Years Celebration. If possible tahun ni ramai-ramai lah budak batch kita join Ballgreaves Ballerz baru meriah sikit.

4 Science 3 1992

Perhatikan gambar di atas. Apa yang tak kena agaknya? Ni official class photo nih. Nasib baik tak masuk koleq mag

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Panjut and Puasa 1993

Baca cerita honque pasal Noque jatuh lift time dok pasang panjut tu, teringat plak bulan Ramadhan. Every year, time nak bukak pose kat rumah ngan wife, teringat masa petang-petang Ramadhan kat koleq masa dok pasang panjut dulu. Ramadhan 1993, that was the best Ramadhan, as far as I could remember. Lupa dah camna kita rotate schedule pasang panjut dulu or just saper2 pun bleh pasang? Masa time nak tunggu berbuka (eventhough x pose), tangan abis hitam-hitam kena minyak panjut tu. For the years to come, kalau ada saper-saper nak berpuasa kat Kuala, nanti inform aku... ingat nak experience balik time petang-petang Ramadhan kat Koleq dulu. Kalau ada yg nak pergi ramai-ramai pun ok gak.
" and memories can't be ignored..... "

D27 of 8993

Lonjak MCKK Lebih Cemerlang

(from Mingguan Malaysia, 8th July 2007)

An interview with Tuan Pengetua on cluster school...

Talking to an Old Boy

(article taken from The Sunday Star 8th July)

Review on Kam Raslan's best selling book, about a fictitious character of an Old Boy...

Reunion 2007

Byk yang tanya kita ni takde nak wat gathering ke reunion ke apa ke so aku wat lah poll ni. Treasure Hunt tu Sule yang cadangkan. So mari lah ramai ramai vote

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Quote Cikgu Koleq

Cikgu-cikgu kita kat koleq byk yang ada quote or ayat-ayat diaorang yang memorable. Antara yang aku ingat kat bawah ni.

Gedebe : "Mu! Mu! Mu! Beruk keluar!" PANG!! (Penampar)

Tan Gim Hoe : "Tatapa tatapa"

Latex : "Setan jangan lari!" (slang jawa)

Kok nye : "Ini nye kalau kamu tak buat homeworknye kamu tak boleh balik cuti semesternye"

Khalid Anjang : "Kotok kotok unjuran oblik"

Mocokoko : "M.C.K.K. MoCoKoKo?"

Au Yong : "Kamu semua kalau lemah matematik nak jadi apa?" (Pogym angkat tangan "Saya nak jadi posmen cikgu")

Bujhak : "Kamu ni macam cakcibo" bujhak sound Tanggang masa training rugby

MI : "Oit Semaun"

Ismail Mod Math : Tak cakap tapi tangan cover mulut takut budak bau rokok

Munizam : "Saya masa main dgn USM Jokers lawan British Navy tulang patah pun terus main lagi tau"

Gedebe : "Cantik jugak basikal atas Great Wall tu. Kalau saya simen terus ok tak?"

Mat Asik : "Rumah manakah yang akan menjadi juara pada minggu ini?" Masa assembly 1989 ever week dia cakap benda ni

Mat Asik : "Anak anak didik sekalian" Kata pembukaan speech dia masa assembly

Wu Kimia : "Ini asid bahaya ya jgn main-main" tapi dia selambe je tuang tuang asid semua cam tak kisah pun kalau kena tangan

Sapa sapa yang ingat lain-lain sila la tambah

:: Honque D93 ::

Dialog Bersama Puru

Situasi : Lepas prep malam sebelum lights off kat depan Dining Hall menghadap padang. Puru dah kantoikan buat order nasi dan tokey-tokey nasi dari semua house kena panggil menghadap

Puru : Ini mengapa kamu buat order nasi tanpa kebenaran

Tokey Nasi : Budak-budak lapar masa extension prep cikgu

Puru : Mana boleh kamu buat order tanpa kebenaran

Tokey Nasi : Habis tu cikgu nasi dah order tak kan nakpulang balik duit kat budak budak. Siapa yang nak bayar nasi yang dah order tu?

Puru : Tak apa lah saya bagi peluang akhir tapi lepas makan terus masuk katil

Tokey Nasi : Tapi cikgu kita perlukan sekurang-kurangnya satu jam untuk hadam nasi tu sebelum tido (dengan muka yang serious)

Puru : Betul jugak apa kamu cakap. Baik lah selepas sejam makan kamu semua masuk katil.

Tokey Tokey Nasi : (Gelak tapi cover line hehehehe)

Sekian... Yang tokey-tokey tak kena apa-apa, semua yang order pun dapat nasi malam tu

:: Honque D93 ::

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mengimbau Kenangan - Jatuh Lift

Macam yang korang semua tau, roman column kat Overfloor tu memang jadi tempat shortcut untuk turun ke bawah dan naik without using stairs and almost everyone panggil benda alah tu lift. Nak naik and turun lift ni ada skill tertentu tak leh nak main redah je. Tapi banyak-banyak budak batch kita yang turun naik lift tu, cuma ada sorang je yg pernah jatuh tergelebak ke bawah dari tingkat atas Overfloor tu. Sapa dia? Orangnya adalah sedara Noque.

Kejadian ni jadi masa Ramadhan 1993, masa tu budak budak batch kita semua tengah sibuk nak bikin panjut untuk celebrate Ramadhan. Masa tu bikin panjut tu kat bawah Big Tree kat area memorial Queen E tuh. Noque dan rakan-rakan (aku tak ingat sapa) masa tu tgh kirik kat 7, kira dah habis kirik nak join lah tolong-tolong apa yang patut. Masa tu kat tangan dia ada geometry set. Tengah-tengah nak turun lift tu geometry set tu boleh terlepas pulak and Noque dengan selamba lepas dua-dua tangan dia pasal nak selamatkan geometry set tuh (bukan nak selamatkan diri sendiri hehehe) Kalau dah lepas dua-dua tangan alamatnya gedebak jatuh ke bawah lah. Yang best time lepas jatuh tu Noque dgn sengih-sengih boleh tanya, kalau berdarah kat kaki boleh bukak puasa tak? Nasib baik lah berdarah je tak jadi apa-apa lebih dari tu, kalau tak memang lagi teruk la batch kita kena dengan gedebe ke sapa ke. Walaupun dgn tragedi jatuh lift ni, Noque takde apa-apa and panjut tu pun berjaya disiapkan dgn jayanya. Sekian

Oh ya by the way sapa tau Noque ada kat mana sekarang? Last aku dengar Nicko ada jumpa dia kat Taiping.

:: Honque D93 ::

MCOBA Email Address

For those who already registered as MCOBA members, you can apply for MCOBA email address (@mcoba.org) thru the link below.

MCOBA Email Application

MCOBA Evening Talk With ABIM President

MCOBA is organising an evening talk with Sdr Yusri Mohamad (Prefect Prep Scool 1989) the President of ABIM at MCOBA Penthouse this coming Monday 9 July 2007 at 8.30 pm. Everyone is invited including non MCOBA members.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Naik Pangkat

Our former vice-principal En Alimuddin Md Dom (Now Dato') will be appointed as MOE Director General affective 15 July 2007. Congratulation to him.

Ada sesiapa still ingat Cikgu Alimuddin ni jadi moderator masa batch kita nak settle dgn anjing batch kita masa kecoh kecoh kita berperang dulu. Masa tu settlekan kat board room koleq. Sebelah wakil kita and sebelah lagi wakil anjing. If im not mistaken we managed to settle a few things and secured quite a few privilage cam elected KPKM leaders dpt rotation naik high-table so that high-table no longer exclusive only to prefect's board. Deal-deal lain aku dah tak ingat. Anyone else was there on that day? aku cuma ingat aku sorang je hehehehe Kalau tak silap aku Boon, Reza etc was there jugak hari tu.


MCOBA Futsal Tournament 2007

Official Class Of 93 Team Photo

Unofficial Team Photo

OBW 2007

Kat belakang Istana Iskandariah Bukit Chandan

Masa game rugby Old Boys v Present Boys

OBW Concert CO93 Band

Sebelum concert OBW kat Hargreaves Hall

Regu CO93 beraksi v Present Boys (Sepaktakraw)

Kat Padang Hoki Koleq masa game Old Boys v Present Boys


testing testing 123.......

No. Comment. itulah gambo..chicken chop.....sape yang berminat sila call 1-800-c-ken
jgn marah.....

Futsal Jersey Crest

Crest atas ni pakai untuk embroidery kat jersey futsal yang buat untuk MCOBA Futsal Tournament 2007. For the next tournament, we will produce another set of jersey for the players and for those who would like to purchase one. No sponsors eh..bayar sendiri-sendiri je. So sesapa yang bermurah hati nak sponsor ke boleh je diterima dgn tangan yang terbuka.

July Birthday

Happy 31st Birthday to all of you
  1. Raja Ahmad Shaidely
  2. Tengku Ahmad Rashidi
  3. Khairuddin Saperi
  4. Mohd Zaini Zakaria
  5. Nor Rafaee Tumian
  6. Mohayazeed Azraee
  7. Noor Ariffin Yusop

MCOBA / MCKK Upcoming Events

MCOBA Annual General Meeting 2007

Date: Saturday, 7 July, 2007
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Penthouse MCOBA

Annual Rugby MCKK-Vajiravudh

Date: Saturday, 14 July, 2007
Time: 4.30 pm
Venue: MCKK

Annual Golf Tourney MCOBA-OV

Date: Sunday, 15 July, 2007
Time: 12.30 pm
Venue: Impian Golf & Country Resort,

MCOBA Annual Dinner 2007

Date: Saturday, 10 November, 2007
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: Istana Hotel, KL

From The Desk Of MCKK Liaison

On 23 June, MCKK had the annual Speech Day officiated by SPB YDPA Tuanku Mizan. DYTM Raja Nazrin, Chairman of MCKK Board of Governors, and Minister of Education, Datuk Sri Hishammuddin also attended the function. SPB YDP Agong announced that MCKK has been selected as a cluster school of excellence and will be administered autonomously by the MCKK Board of Governors and the school administration.

In the evening of 23 June, the annual Sports Day was held. Somehow, I felt the fanfare like in yesteryears was missing. Perhaps because the usual authoritative figure on the field, Mr. A. Amirthalingam, was missing! Anyway, Sulaiman House is this year’s champion, Ahmad House the runner-up, Mohd Shah House in third place, and of course, Idris House in its perennial fourth place.

On 24 June, many old boys flocked to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre to witness the SBP Wind Orchestra Finals. Datuk Seri Utama Najib Razak was guest-of-honour, accompanied by Datuk Sri Hishammuddin and their wives. MCKK took third place, after champions SSAS, and runners-up SDAR. That was a feat for MCKK, who are new to the competition and lack musical instruments.

On 28 June, MCKK was selected to hold an exhibition on “internationalization efforts at MCKK” at the Ministry of Education’s “Co-Curriculum Gala” held at Batu Kikir, Kuala Pilah. MCKK showcased its tie-ups with Vajiravudh College, Bangkok; Modern School, New Delhi; Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution, both of Singapore. The booth caught the eyes of DPM Najib Razak and MB Mohamad Hasan, while Hishammuddin proudly described his alma mater’s international connections.

On 30 June, MCKK made it to the finals of SBP Rugby 10s tournament. Unfortunately, the boys tired too soon after playing a hard game in the semi-finals about three hours earlier. They lost to champions SSAS 19-0.

This coming 14 July, MCKK will be hosting Vajiravudh College for the annual match. MCOBA Rugby has made arrangements to send additional coaches to help the boys prepare for the match. The coaches will be stationed at the College to assist teacher/coach Yasmin from July 2 till match day.

A Message From Salleh (D34)


Saya dengan besar hatinya menjemput kawan2 semua ke majlis resepsi perkahwinan saya dgn Maryam Huda Ahmad Phesal di rumah parents saya di Sitiawan,Perak DR pada 25 Ogos 2007 ini dari jam 11pagi hingga 4 petang insyaAllah..Bersama ini saya sertakan link page kami utk tatapan saudara2 semua...Barang sesiapa yang memerlukan kad jemputan secara rasmi sila e-mail saya atau post di e-groups.Tq..


ps:mintak maaf rakan2 futsal sebab xbagitau masa turun aritu
pps:sori la skema sangat hehehe...

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