Tuesday, July 3, 2007

From The Desk Of MCKK Liaison

On 23 June, MCKK had the annual Speech Day officiated by SPB YDPA Tuanku Mizan. DYTM Raja Nazrin, Chairman of MCKK Board of Governors, and Minister of Education, Datuk Sri Hishammuddin also attended the function. SPB YDP Agong announced that MCKK has been selected as a cluster school of excellence and will be administered autonomously by the MCKK Board of Governors and the school administration.

In the evening of 23 June, the annual Sports Day was held. Somehow, I felt the fanfare like in yesteryears was missing. Perhaps because the usual authoritative figure on the field, Mr. A. Amirthalingam, was missing! Anyway, Sulaiman House is this year’s champion, Ahmad House the runner-up, Mohd Shah House in third place, and of course, Idris House in its perennial fourth place.

On 24 June, many old boys flocked to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre to witness the SBP Wind Orchestra Finals. Datuk Seri Utama Najib Razak was guest-of-honour, accompanied by Datuk Sri Hishammuddin and their wives. MCKK took third place, after champions SSAS, and runners-up SDAR. That was a feat for MCKK, who are new to the competition and lack musical instruments.

On 28 June, MCKK was selected to hold an exhibition on “internationalization efforts at MCKK” at the Ministry of Education’s “Co-Curriculum Gala” held at Batu Kikir, Kuala Pilah. MCKK showcased its tie-ups with Vajiravudh College, Bangkok; Modern School, New Delhi; Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution, both of Singapore. The booth caught the eyes of DPM Najib Razak and MB Mohamad Hasan, while Hishammuddin proudly described his alma mater’s international connections.

On 30 June, MCKK made it to the finals of SBP Rugby 10s tournament. Unfortunately, the boys tired too soon after playing a hard game in the semi-finals about three hours earlier. They lost to champions SSAS 19-0.

This coming 14 July, MCKK will be hosting Vajiravudh College for the annual match. MCOBA Rugby has made arrangements to send additional coaches to help the boys prepare for the match. The coaches will be stationed at the College to assist teacher/coach Yasmin from July 2 till match day.


MCKK 8993 said...

cibai cam mana leman boleh menang idris boleh last??

MCKK 8993 said...

leman memang dari dulu lagi champion.. especially during our time.. CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!

Mamaque said...

cayalah leman!!! leman memang sentiasa champion termasuk tahun 1993 masa aku jadi house captain.

Honque said...

hmmm bukan 1993 leman last ke hehehehe

Mamaque said...

second last beb! heheheheehehe