Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Majlis Berbuka Puasa Class Of 93

Adalah dgn segala hormatnya dimaklumkan bahawa Majlis Berbuka Puasa Class of 93 akan diadakan pada 15 September 2007. Aku dah booking MCOBA penthouse for that event for our batch. Please confirm your attendance so that boleh budget makanan


Monday, August 27, 2007

Cages All Star - KK Open Champioins 2007

Email taken from MCOBA-Malaysia yahoogroup


The Cagers All Star won the Piala Dato Seri Rafidah Aziz (KK Open) by beating the Defending Champion Kg. Liman Kati Youth in Liman Kati on Saturday. The Cagers All Star won 56 - 53. It was a close game throughout. The Cagers started well by scoring the first five points. Que 05 and Aliep 06 combined to score all Cagers 9 points in the first quarter. The score was tied at the end of the first quarter. The Cagers tighten-up their defense in the second quarter and led 19 - 17 at the half. In the third quarter, the Cagers began making their shots. The Cagers scored three 3-points shots at the end of the third quarter to lead by 7 points at the end of third quarter 40- 33. Kg. Liman Kati went for broke in the fourth quarter by playing full court press which troubled the Cagers All Star initially, but Mr. Liew managed to calm down the Cagers and they began breaking the full court press easily. The Cagers managed to hold on to the lead till the end.

It was a good game with the local supporters were cheering for the youth team. However, the VIPs were impressed with the Cagers performance. YBhg. Dato' Saharudin Mohd Toha, Political Sec to Rafidah, was impressed with the Cagers. "Tak sangka ada team melayu diKuala Kangsar yang pandai main basketball." As an incentive, he agreed to built and indoor court kat KK, Taman Bunga Raya, and upgrade court kat padang polo so the Cagers can train there ;-). When we informed him that the Cagers were the national SBP champ for 4 consecutive times and 12 times overall, he was very impressed. He decided to reaward the Cagers with another trophy during the Hari Penyampaian Hadiah untuk sukan Hari Merdeka on Sept 11. He belanja the whole squad with supper after the game.

The Cagers All Star were represented by Cikgu Azmi Jimat 91, Ahmad Syafiq Noh 04 (MVP 04), Mohd. Shafique Hassan 05, Allif Abdul Muiz Abdul Ghani 06 (MVP 06), Ahmad Qassim Mohd 06, Mokri 08, Ammar 08, Justin 08, Luqman 08, Syahmi 08, Naim 08 and Iwan 08.

Thank you
Ise 80
idris hse

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Masihkan Kau Ingat


terimalah lagu yang semestinya mengimbau kenangan lalu. Siap dgn lirik sekali. Bole nyanyi mcm karaoke.

Mana la tau thn depan punya OBW batch kita nak main lagu ni



Thursday, August 23, 2007

Apa Ada Dengan Nama?

Most of us at one point in our life in koleq, has a nickname. Few survived without one. And for some, they're nicknames changed or evolved as they become more senior. Some nicknames were inherited and some were passed down to the juniors. And some still carry their nicknames outside koleq circle of friends.

Some nicknames were nice, some were weird and some made you ask how the hell he got that nickname? :-)

Among all nicknames, which I could remember...

The one which is very hard to spell out belongs to Ahmad Rezany.. how to spell 'Je.. or is it Jze or Tse.. I give up!

Some were just short or simplified form sometimes a more glamour version of their names... Sorel, Mijoe, Potex, Alie (D14), Wady, Shukoqlebih glamor with que, Nicko Nazreeno Yusrio, Ron, Fendi, Nuar (D29), Kydien, Pudin, Shidee, Sule, IBJ (D40), Ucop, Chaie, Sudin, Sharp, KSK or Marul, Yo, Keyo, Kazar, Sle, Kin (terbalik Nik), Naman, Musz, RMAS, Zaroy, Mile, Apip...

Then, we have animals... Kude, Unta (D7), Boye, Pacat, Kambing (D60 - pernah lah), Itik (D70), Boon..

Some were their hometown... Kechorlebih glamor with que, Gopeng, ada lagi ke?

Some were famous characters associated with their personality or appearance... Mail Kerbau, Mat Sentul, Tok Mudin - tapi mamat ni Form One baru bersunat kan?, Mamak (betul ke kategori ni), Uncle David, PATA (famous character circa 1986), Judge Dredd (kat mata ke sama?), Tanggang (derhaka pada siapa mamat ni?)....

This is bit harsh... some nicknames were based on their physical appearance... Kenit, which evolved over time to Knick as he grow taller, Gumox now not, Kapla which refers not to the size of his head but size of his brain, Bucik buncit ke?, Bontot (not sure this belongs to D34 or D64 or D119 but it refers to same part of body), Toyol because of his petite(?! or diminutive) size, Asko telor (why? telor dia besar ke, sape nampak?!).

Canoe dulu mana tau buat facial?, Dadar the one with breasts or broad chest, Bagak who was bigger than most of our fathers, Karut - because banyak cakap benda tak betul ke macam Jengkalona, Kicap - he's not dark isn't he?, Gopal aiyoo... was it because of his dark skin or the act of mengunyah sirih yang dah jadi bad habit tu, Mok Niza, Pron - I assume because of the porn look he has or the amount of porn movies he's watched, Kichi - another one and he evolved too.. and the new addition includes Keng...

And there were some nicknames banned in their hometown... Poen hang laaa D97 and the made-famous Java name, Tommy...

Names I don't know how they came into the storybook, guys please help... Neno - was it because of his 'weng'ness, Spanar - no clue, Bob - sikit tak logik, BOB usually for the big sized people but when the name evolved to Bob Puyu, it does make sense, Hongue - ni lagi satu nick pakai taruh je ke sebab don't want to be left out and considered bell, Gobek (D98), Janda - pernah kah dia diceraikan oleh suaminya?

And some, as mentioned before, survived without any nickname. Maybe their names are simply unique - no alteration needed. Or are they just bell?! Offfff!!! But some may already have their scientific names or something they created in their final year so that they're not bell, which could slip out of my radar...

Or shall we start thinking of nicknames for... Hardy, Reza (was Regatta an official nickname?), Zaini, Sarimi, Zahlan, Najib (D42), Sudin, Hakim, Jamil, Aris, Sadat - dia ni bell ke, Rihan - may I suggest Rihanna, Qaiser, Ainan...

...or maybe those without nickname tu yang jambu-jambu like D55 jambu ke D66? and they were immune for any name calling.

But the most vulgar nickname has evolved into the most famous one... Kimak - macam mana boleh evolved into Norman Hakim?

* this entry is just for fun, and sesiapa yang terasa or terleft out tu, jangan ambil hati... dah 14 tahun, can't remember everyone's nickname especially yang tak jambu tu :-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


These lines are still in my head :

Me & Ibrahim bin Jusoh

Brahim : Dat, kalau kita korek idung, batal tak air semayang?

Me : Errr.....(konpius between air semayang ngan pose).....kalu kita korek idung, batal air semayang kita. Sama la mcm pose jugak....(sambil usha ubat gigi dia yg tulis siam).

Me & Arwah Kamal Erfan

Arwah Kamal : Dat, mlm ni ko jgn kirik kat Pavi tau. Warden nak buat spot check. Kalau ko ada jeans ke apa ke, ko simpan kat cube aku.

Me :

Me & Ajmel Sharif a.k.a Tora

Ajmel : Ko isap rokok eh?

Me : Errrrrrrr.....(asap kuar ikut idung).

Monday, August 20, 2007

Announcement From Toya

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I am proudly to announce that my twin safely delivered on Friday's morning (17th August 2007).

The 1st twin, Muhamad Adam Danish was born at 8:33am weight 2.91kg and the 2nd twin, Muhamad Ariff Danial was born at 8:34am weight 2.5kg.

Alhamdulillah both of the boys and my wife are healthy and in good condition.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yahoo Fantasy Football Weekly Review

2 games down and 36 to go. Setelah berhempas pulas setiap manager memilih pemain dalam bugdet sebanyak 100 million, minggu pertama EPL Fantasy Football menyaksikan pelbagai upset dilakukan oleh beberapa pasukan. Sdr Zaroy tanpa disangka-sangka berjaya mengutip mata terbanyak minggu ini dah diikuti rapat oleh Sdr Jeanda. Manager-manager vateran seperti Sdr Cd, Sdr Pron, Sdr Honque dan Sdr Mijoe masih tidak gusar kerana masih banyak lagi perlawanan yang akan dilangsungkan. Seperti yang dikatakan oleh pemenang musim lepas Sdr CD melalui temubual melalui YM "takpe game banyak lagi". Saksikan lah kehebatan pasukan-pasukan ini pada minggu seterusnya.

Berikut adalah League Table setelah tamatnya 2 perlawanan pertama

1. TTDI Jaya FC - 127 pts
2. Zenith - 101.5 pts
3. BTMA - 100 pts
4. Ada Stail Lah FC - 95.5 pts
5. Cokodok Basi - 85 pts
6. Samurai Blue - 75.5 pts
7. Kumpulan Gagak Hitam - 73.5 pts
8. Kg Sireh FC - 70.5 pts
9. Kelab Kapal Layar - 65.5 pts
10. Penyokong Bolasepak Malaysia - 57.5 pts
11. Gelanggang Mimpi-Mimpi - 0 pts

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jangan Dipisah Lagu dan Irama (Part 2)

Honque said...

there are so much more to be added to this list.
21. Eternal Flame - The Bangles (bukan bangla)
22. Blood Money - Bon Jovi Young Guns OST
23. Ballad tracks from bon jovi (Never say goodbye, I'll be there for you etc)
24. Im The Man 91 - Anthrax
25. No Coke - Dr Alban
26. Un Deux Trois - Kelas French
27. Bertafakur Gunung... Gunung Jerai di balik awan - lagu choir form 2
28. Lenggang kongkang - Tanya kicap
29. Dont Cry - Guns N Roses
30. November Rain - G N RKeep it coming boys...
August 15, 2007 11:15 AM

cd said...
31. heh ko lupa sweet child.
32. I Can't Help Falling in Love with you... satu lagi lagu UB40 yg jadik sound track citer sharon stone - sliver dulu tuh

aku tambah lagi...
33. Wasted Time - Skid Row
34. Ikhlas Tapi Jauh - RAP Production
35. Pusara di LebuhRaya... (ye ke nama lagu ni... zaman2 F2 dulu..)
36. Isabella - Search(Album ni kuar masa kita F2 agak nye...)
37. Informer - Snow (Keng xleh dgr lagu nih... simpang siuh kaki dia kang..)
38. NIRVANA songs...
39. Final Countdown (aku dgr lagu ni before final PPM... kita Champ..!!!)
40. Lagu2 cheering sume...

Jangan Dipisah Lagu dan Irama (Part 1)

This is the list of must-have songs in your car stereo and why you should have them. Checkout and you can always illegally download them for free.

1. Superwoman by Karen White : In 1989, you could only listen to it from Prefect Gamel’s cube.
2. Hijau by Zainal Abidin : The song which make Zaroy, Mile and suku-sakat wearing shiny shoes, big-buckled belt, big white shirt and dancing terkinja-kinja.
3. Fiona by 4U2C : Remember your windbreaker?
4. Layu di Hujung Mekar by Rio : The only song that could make even the toughest man cry.
5. Agent Orange by Sodom : Err…well…only Mamak listened to it.
6. Enter Sandman by Metallica : Almost everybody who ever touch a guitar will know how to play the intro.
7. Shoulder to Cry On by Tommy Page : A lovely song that could make you think that being gay is OK.
8. Stand and Fight by Manowar : The song that to be listened to just before the game. It will bring up your spirit, adrenaline and anger (but not your stamina, skill or performance). No wonder we never win any major tournament.
9. Dallabnikufesin by Anthrax : It made those people posing weird act when taking pictures. It also taught us about the proper usage of explicit words such fuck, shit, hell, idiot etc.
10. Leave a Light on For Me : It will remind you of Asko.
11. Would I Lie To You by Charles & Eddie : Arwah Kamal loved this song.
12. U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer : Baggy pants anyone?
13. Mandatory Suicide by Slayer : It was a very-very demonic and dark song. But Noque made it even more satanic by using his out-of-tune and super loud guitar.
14. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx : To remind you of that super macho Mozni Sham Ahmad.
15. Hotel California by Eagles : An easy song that could be played by all guitar players in our batch. (But all of us will also skip the solo part. Not that easy huh?)
16. Master of Puppet by Metallica : Something to show off. Play this song in front of your junior and they will say “Bang….ajar saya lagu ni, boleh?”
17. Mustika by M.Nasir : One of our teacher was named after this song right?
18. Kingston Town by UB40 : In memory of those beruk-beruk.
19. Jump by Kriss Kross : This is the only era when wearing baju terbalik is considered as cool and trendy.
20. Anak Desa by Sudirman : You know it by yourself.

8993 Glossary (Part 1)

8993 Glossary (Part 1)

For those who are new to 8993 or happen to bump into this blog, perhaps you could spend some time in digesting the glossary as it might help you in understanding the stories being told here.

TNG a.k.a The New Generation : The vision or aspiration formulated in year 1990 in turning the batch into a decent and free from unwanted tradition. However it got nothing to do with tv series-Star Trek The New Generation.

Zutix : His real name is Izzudin and he was the Form 3 who responsible in looking after Dorm IT. He was famous for his terrible public speech and awkward style of sleeping.

Mona Gersang : A porn storybook which was read by most of the batch members (c’mon people..please admit that u brought that book into toilet while doing your business). One of the batch members however was caught in possession of that book. He somehow turned out to be fine nowadays and proven the fact porn won’t stop you in becoming a good citizen.

IT Yard : An imaginary task force which was formed in investigating the case of……errrr..how to say this….well…someone shit happily in Dorm IT and it was spread everywhere. (To that person who shit : Nice job dude. IT Yard never really caught you in action).

Blue House : A brick gazebo which was built right in front of Pavillion. We named it after its blue-colored roof. A favourite place for batch members who didn’t really care for their SPM exam and think that they will score flying color. Such a moron.

Twin Peaks : The roof truss area in Pavillion. For those who are not technically educated, it is a space between the ceiling and the roof. Got it? You have to climb up the ceiling and there you go….you are there. It was a not-so-practical area for those who wanted to skip the afternoon prep. It is a hot, dusty area with thin air and you have to stay there looking at each other until the prep is over. In year 1993, one unfortunate Form 3 was brought up there and on their way back he fell down and his head hit the tap. Scary enough…he was in coma and tragically he was framed for being there alone to smoke. Those Form 5 (we know who you are), who brought this dude up there, somehow pretend that it was never happened. Case closed.
Note : That F3 somehow survived and currently doing well in his career.

MOCOKOKO : The nickname given to one of the teachers. He wanted to write ‘M.C.K.K.’ on the blackboard but he unintentionally wrote that dot (see that dot in between the letters?) bigger than it was suppose to be. So, instead of M.C.K.K, it turned out to be MoCoKoKo.

Potex : A living evidence to show that size doesn’t really matter in becoming high-profile criminals. He was one of the batch members with small size, high-pitch voice and big balls. He committed lots of crime which made Gedebe (refer below) screamed….’Mampuh mu!!’

Gedebe : The teacher who taught history. He was famed for his unique teaching technique which including punching, strangling, kicking, running, swearing, bullying and making fun of people. Awesome!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007



ada sapa ingat mamat ni x. Kalau tak silap aku burung budak mat shah. Ntah tetiba je aku teringat kat mamat ni.. boleh tahan jugak dia punya lawak.

Klau tak silap aku ada satu insiden masa sukantara kot..dia kata dia bole pecah rekod lompat jauh koleq. Disebabkan kebesaran percakapan dia tu aku rasa ramai yg berkerumun dekat pasir lompat jauh tu nak tgk dia pecah rekod.

Nak dijadikan cerita tak terpecahlah rekod lompat juah koleq masa tu. Dan untuk menutup malu, aku rasa dia ada buat terhencot hencot..konon kaki sakit la..tak leh perform. Dan sebagai mana biasa, reaksi sepontan semua org ialah.....begelak ketawalah..


Monday, August 6, 2007

Most Memorable Torture Moment

Malam malam di Prep School mmg dilalui dgn seribu macam perasaan. Gelisah, risau, rimas & takut. Semuanya disebabkan oleh lima "anjing" & anticipation of bunyi loceng ditengah malam atau lalakan anjing secara tiba tiba didalam dorm yang mensignalkan kegiatan kokurikulum tidak rasmi Koleq bagi form 1.

Ya...sessi common room/firedrill or sessi torture depan/dalam dorm. Semua org ada most memorable atau favourite torture moment. Marilah kita sama sama mengshare.

Personally, aku x bole lupa sessi depan Dorm D& Dorm E yang forever immortalize the phrase, "WOI!!!! Ada org muntah!!!! Nama dia Bob Jadah!!!!" Kalau tak silap aku sebelum lights off, dalam Dorm E, Bob, Keen & Hongue dgn penuh perasaan angkuhnya sedang melantak air gas dengan makanan yang aku dah tak ingat apa dia.

Seelok beberapa minit lepas lights off, loceng puaka yang tidak berdering tetapi berdengung berbunyi tak berhenti henti. Serentak itu, Semua bebedak prep school bingkas bangun berdiri tepi katil.

Tak lama kemudian muncullah 2 makhluk bernama Moni dan Gendut. semua bebudak Dorm E & Dorm D disuruh berbaris depan dorm masing masing. Setelah melalui sessi meleter yang meleret leret, semua disuruh buat keretapi beramai ramai.

Selepas hampir lembik lutut, disuruh pulak buat scrambler half way down. Dalam keseronokan sessi penyeksaan itu tiba tiba sdr Bob telah membuat keputusan untuk menunjukkan kepada semua org ape yang dia makan sebelum tido. Maka apa yang dimakan semua terhidang diatas lantai.

Yang aku ingat, Farhan telah disuruh oleh Gendut / Moni untuk menjilat semula muntah siBob. Mamat tu pun dengan penuh rasa pasrah melutut tepi muntah BOb dan bersiap sedia untuk menjilat muntah Bob. Kalau tak disebabkan munculnya Anjing Ah Chong, aku rasa mmg Farhan dan makan mutah Bob.

Part tu kita klimax kepada sessi torture utk mlm tu. Things went mellow after that & at the end semua masuk tido dgn badan yang berpeluh akibat senaman malam dan otot kaki yang bergetar getar.

For me, itu was the most memorable torture moment. Kalau ada lain lain torture moment, sila share. mari kita kenang kembali saat saat yang kalau dicerita kepada org luar or present boys, rasanya tak ada sapa yang akan percaya.

Poen D97

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bolasepak Desert (& Cebisan Memori New Hostel)

.........Setelah penat berjalan dari prep petang mengharungi jalanan yg penuh Kongkang, tunduk2 memberi salam, maka tibalah kami di New Hostel. Seperti lazim kami ke dining hall utk tea. Selepas tea dipanjatlah New Hostel itu utk ke dorm masing2. Dorm aku adalah dorm teratas penjuru kanan yang bernama Dorm IT. IT ini bermaksud international (???) yang sepatutnya diduduki oleh form 2 dari pelbagai house, tapi utk tahun 1990 hanya 2 org sahaja penghuni nya dari golongan idris house (kot), itupun form 3 new hostel Gusta Irawan dan Izzudin a.k.a Jubin, selain nya kami form 2 adalah dari golongan Md Shah. Si gusta ni memang tak nampak muka waktu siang hari kerana dia selalu melepak dengan geng2 beruk batch dia kat big school, manakala si Jubin ni, setibanya kami di dorm memang dia pasti telah berada di dorm sedang nyenyak tidur ke Californian an. Poteng prep. Kalau terjaga si Jubin ni, akan dia suruh kami cepat2 semayang dan pergi turun main, supaya dia boleh sambung tidurnya dgn aman.

Setelah semayang kekadangnya di surau berimamkan Ajmel, kami pun bersiaplah utk games hours. Games attire seperti biasa lah kena pakai tshirt rumah atau tshirt official atau unofficial koleq e.g tshirt old boys weekend dan tshirt MC-RMC. Di tahun 1990 tshirt rumah masih bell hanya ada house color dan nama rumah. Kalau Md Shah, tshirt kuning tulis Mohd Shah, kalau Leman, tshirt merah tulis Sulaiman. Maka kebanyakan tidak suka pakai tshirt rumah unless compulsory, seperti di sports day atau sukan tara. Tradisi tshirt rumah bell ni diteruskan hinggalah tahun 1993, dimana batch kita telah merevolusikannya (thanks to kenit et all) dimana termasuklah design2 artistik. Contohnya, tshirt Md Shah 93, design belakang mengandungi design & tulisan Sunset Avenue sempena nama port kirik di Pavi. Kesan revolusi ini masih kelihatan hingga ke hari ini dimana house tshirts sentiasa kelihatan trendy! Games attire form 2 juga membawa symbol kesenioran kami di koleq. Standing Rules Kongkang telah membenarkan kami memakai black worrior. Tapi kebenaran berlimit tak silap aku. Kita hanya boleh pakai black war low cut sahaja, high cut tak boleh. Mengenai seluarnya aku rasa kita masih di wajibkan memakan full track bottom atau shorts. Track bottom potong ukuran bermuda masih dilarang (tak salah aku).

Setelah siap dgn games attire maka berpusulah kami ke gelanggang permainan ruji penghuni New Hostel, bolasepak desert! Aku mengambil route melalui ruang tembus new hostel (sebelah common room tempat meeting TNG!), bukan memalui route gajah menyusur. Utk ke desert kami mesti melalui satu banglo lama yg disebelahnya pokok besar ala2 big tree. Pokok besar ni mempunyai lagenda nya tersendiri. Di riwayatkan bahawa dimalam hari jika sesiapa duduk diatas bahu kawanya dan mendongak ketas melihat pokok ini, maka boleh dilihat mayat2 bergantungan. Mayat2 mengikut lagendanya adalah mangsa2 gantung jepun. Hmmm. Setelah beberapa puluh meter melepasi pokok tersebut, maka tersergamlah pitch bola kami, di lembah kecik membelakangi bungalow lama dan padang hoki, dinamai Desert!

Desert ini tidak boleh diketumui dimana2 pun di planet ini. Pitch nya tidak ber rumput, tidak pula berpasir seperti padang pasir. Komposisi nya mengikut hipotesis aku adalah tanah liat yg telah dimampatkan tetapi tidak diratakan. Perkara ini bolehlah dirujuk kepada Sadat utk keterangan yg lebih saintifik. Warnaya coklat muda seperti labu sayong sebelum dimasukkan kedalam ketuhar. Gol posts di desert ini pun mempunyai karakter tersendiri. Ia diperbuat dari kayu dan di cat putih. Ratio lebar and tingginya tidak mengikut standard FAM. Ketinggian seperti menyamai kelebaran, maka gol posts tersebut kelihatan seperti segiempat sama! Ketinggian nya juga tidak sepadan dengan ketinggian kami yg rata2 masih ketot lagi, kecualilah kepada beberapa kerat dari kami yg baligh awal2 lagi seperti Bagak, Toya dan Ajmel. Kalau Kimak masih ada aku rasa dia pun boleh sentuh sambil melompat.

Peraturan bolasepak desert ini adalah tiada peraturan. Tiada limit kepada jumlah pemain. Selalu hampir semua org dalam batch kami akan main. Puratanya, tolak yg ade training games masing2, lebih kurang 20-30 sebelah. Bukan itu sahaja, memang tiada posisi lansung. Dimana saja bola tu pergi disitulah semua org kejar. Macam anak ayam! Peluang utk tendang bola adalah sikit. Tapi ironic nya jumlah gol yg terjaring amatlah tinggi. Boundary desert ni memang tiada definasinya. Asal bola pergi jauh sikit, siapa dapat tangkap bola kira dia boleh baling (throw in). Tak kira team mana. Kira macam ganjaran utk usaha dia ambik bola lah. Corner kicks kadang2 ada kadang2 main baling je, janji bola masuk pitch semua resume kejar bola. Bola yg digunakan pun tiada tukar gantinya. Ia bola yg kulitnya dah tertanggal atau sengaja ditanggalkan. (macam tube tayar). Warnanya sama seperti warna pitch tu yg menyukarkan penglihatan, lebih2 lagi sewaktu hujan. Bola ini pun sungguh bouncy and ringan, macam bola volleyball. Kalau ditendang dia akan pergi jauh dan aku rasa ini yg memberi ruang utk kesemua kami mengejar bola tersebut. Takde lah nak 1 – 2 ke, short pass ke.

Suasana permainan memang lah meriah. Walaupun keadaan huru hara sepenuh masa permainan, tiada perbalahan yg keudara. Semua suka hati and gembira, kecualilah jika Mozerque, anjing New Hostel masa tu main sekali. Kalau mamat ni main memang dia je nak control semua, nak jadi hero. Serupa la pe’el dia masa main bola kat prep school. Kadang2 kami rasa macam nak sepak je dia, tetapi fikiran waras kami ketika tu mengatakan tidak. Jika lah kami sepak dia pasti dimalam hari akan berlaku fire drill. Kumpul2 di tengah malam, lari pusing2 padang hoki, push ups, ear squats dan star jumps. Seksaan akan lebih teruk dari malam hitam buku poron Mona Gersang (allegedly) kepunyaan Naman dijumpai!

Permainan hanya akan tamat setelah azan maghrib berkumandang. Itu pun setelah beberapa kali perjanjian ‘last goal’ dibuat. Hanya apabila keaadan terlalu gelap kami terpaksa membuat keputusan utk berhenti. Keghairahan dan keseronokkan bermain amat menakjubkan membuatkan puncak kepuasan sukar dikecapi!! Biar terik atau hujan, esok pasti kami turun lagi............

~ Alie D14 ~

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nama Batch

Camne batch kita boleh end up dgn nama Ardennes Caballarius? Camne nama tempat kat france boleh jadi nama batch kita? Setahu aku Ardennes ni area hutan n ada significant battle masa world war 2 kat area ni (checkout Band Of Brothers). Aku lupa sapa yg cadangkan nama ni dulu yang aku ingat kita ada meeting kat kelas form 1 time kita form 5 untuk pilih nama batch.

Aku pernah gak terfikir nama batch ni masa kat koleq. Masa form 2 aku dgn cd ada buat t-shirt gambar kude terbang dgn nama Pegasus, ingatkan nama ni boleh la dijadikan nama batch tapi tak mendapat sambutan.

Masa form 4 pulak if korang remember Arcadian Cavalry, nama tu pun actually kitaorang nak cadangkan jadi nama batch bukan just clique arcadian saja. Tapi seperti biasa kalau tak silap aku AJK batch kita tetiba war pulak dgn Arcadian (meeting batch kat kelas form 4) so nama tu pun berkubur.

Cam mana boleh end up dgn ardennes caballarius? sebab aku rasa cam pegasus or arcadian cavalry lagi cam best. Ntah la itu pendapat aku.. apa pendapat korang?

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kadir Rahman Juara Olimpik

Tempat : Makmal Kimia bawah library
Masa : Sometime in 1993

Aku rasa korang ingat kot ada a few eksperimen kimia yg kita kena bakar ada benda alah yga ku dah lupa namanya n test kaler asap, bau etc etc. Benda ni jadi masa eksperimen cam ni lah. Masa tu lab partner aku yg semeja was aku, kadir, knick dgn adzarara. Masa tu aku dgn kadir wat eksperimen tu. Kat bawah ni sikit lebih kurang dialog dia.

situasi : benda tgh berkepul asap dlm tabung uji lepas di bakar sambil diperhatikan Mr Wu

Kadir : Honque kita kena test ni bau dia camne

Honque : Ok kadir kau bau lah benda alah tu

Kadir pun dgn machonya letaklah hidung kat mulut tabung uji tu pastu sedut sedalam dalamnya sampai habis asap dlm tabung uji, lepas tu aku tgk muka kadir dah blur semacam pas tu dia bukak mulut keluar semua asap yg dia dah sedut. Aku dah gelak nak mampus sampai rasa nak muntah. Lepas tu sepanjang kelas kimia kadir blur yang amat

Sekian cerita yang tak lawak ni. I guess you have to be there nak tgk expression muka kadir camne masa tu. Memang lawak nak mampus

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