Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8993 Glossary (Part 1)

8993 Glossary (Part 1)

For those who are new to 8993 or happen to bump into this blog, perhaps you could spend some time in digesting the glossary as it might help you in understanding the stories being told here.

TNG a.k.a The New Generation : The vision or aspiration formulated in year 1990 in turning the batch into a decent and free from unwanted tradition. However it got nothing to do with tv series-Star Trek The New Generation.

Zutix : His real name is Izzudin and he was the Form 3 who responsible in looking after Dorm IT. He was famous for his terrible public speech and awkward style of sleeping.

Mona Gersang : A porn storybook which was read by most of the batch members (c’mon people..please admit that u brought that book into toilet while doing your business). One of the batch members however was caught in possession of that book. He somehow turned out to be fine nowadays and proven the fact porn won’t stop you in becoming a good citizen.

IT Yard : An imaginary task force which was formed in investigating the case of…… to say this….well…someone shit happily in Dorm IT and it was spread everywhere. (To that person who shit : Nice job dude. IT Yard never really caught you in action).

Blue House : A brick gazebo which was built right in front of Pavillion. We named it after its blue-colored roof. A favourite place for batch members who didn’t really care for their SPM exam and think that they will score flying color. Such a moron.

Twin Peaks : The roof truss area in Pavillion. For those who are not technically educated, it is a space between the ceiling and the roof. Got it? You have to climb up the ceiling and there you go….you are there. It was a not-so-practical area for those who wanted to skip the afternoon prep. It is a hot, dusty area with thin air and you have to stay there looking at each other until the prep is over. In year 1993, one unfortunate Form 3 was brought up there and on their way back he fell down and his head hit the tap. Scary enough…he was in coma and tragically he was framed for being there alone to smoke. Those Form 5 (we know who you are), who brought this dude up there, somehow pretend that it was never happened. Case closed.
Note : That F3 somehow survived and currently doing well in his career.

MOCOKOKO : The nickname given to one of the teachers. He wanted to write ‘M.C.K.K.’ on the blackboard but he unintentionally wrote that dot (see that dot in between the letters?) bigger than it was suppose to be. So, instead of M.C.K.K, it turned out to be MoCoKoKo.

Potex : A living evidence to show that size doesn’t really matter in becoming high-profile criminals. He was one of the batch members with small size, high-pitch voice and big balls. He committed lots of crime which made Gedebe (refer below) screamed….’Mampuh mu!!’

Gedebe : The teacher who taught history. He was famed for his unique teaching technique which including punching, strangling, kicking, running, swearing, bullying and making fun of people. Awesome!


Honque said...

sapa la bawak boyan naik TP tu. i know who u are hehehehe

MCKK 8993 said...

hmmm...kes boyan tu sbb nak bergambar la kan? sapa nyer camera tu? takde gamba ke?

Alie D14 said...

boyan naik TP ni dia yg volunteer..bebudak yg bawak dia naik atas tu hanya nak assist junior yg ingin tahu je...memang inevitable la dia akan ke situ, with or without bebudak yg bawak dia tu, dgn ikhlas berangapan, sedikit guidance boleh membantu!..even then pun dia jatuh miserably..mungkin tak cukup baligh lagi utk ke TP! ...

ade bebudak batch dia kata boyan ni jambu budak pavi batch kita ..woi insulting nye!!!!

ade budak kata boyan jadi benggong lepas incident jatuh TP...haha dia ni memang dah benggong sejak azali..jatuh ke tak jatuh ke memang macam tu..undeniably, mamat ni memang score aje!

...maka, bebudak TP yg assist si boyan naik tu bertobat lah selepas tu..jadi baik pegi masjid semayang lagi...tapi malangnye tobatnye hanya kekal seminggu je..pastu back to the usual..lembayan TP sukar ditepis agaknye..

aku ade jumpa boyan ni lepas kluar koleq a few times sebab kampung dia sama ngan kampung aku..jumpa masa raya kirik sama2 lah.. turns out to be ok mamat ni in the long run..last sekali dia masih lagi undergrad buat engineering ...benggong tu tetap benggong lah

...addit: bubudak TP pun mempunyai pencapaian..mereka telah berjaya membongkarkan activiti sumbang mahram nik hantu! ...aku rasa si penulis perlulah menambah satu lagi subjek dalam glosarry nye = 'nik hantu'..silalah update!

lastly, aku rasa bebudak pavi ni naik TP ni sebab nak ikut budak bigschool panjat rooftop la..kat pavi kalau panjat rooftop nye, abis la tergolek jatuh dipanjatlah TP..agak tenang dan private..tapi tempatnye bak kata si penulis, tak la begitu kondusif...berhabuk & berbahang..mmmmm wallahualam..

Honque said...

aku tau korang skodeng nik hantu cikendoi hehehehe