Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jangan Dipisah Lagu dan Irama (Part 1)

This is the list of must-have songs in your car stereo and why you should have them. Checkout and you can always illegally download them for free.

1. Superwoman by Karen White : In 1989, you could only listen to it from Prefect Gamel’s cube.
2. Hijau by Zainal Abidin : The song which make Zaroy, Mile and suku-sakat wearing shiny shoes, big-buckled belt, big white shirt and dancing terkinja-kinja.
3. Fiona by 4U2C : Remember your windbreaker?
4. Layu di Hujung Mekar by Rio : The only song that could make even the toughest man cry.
5. Agent Orange by Sodom : Err…well…only Mamak listened to it.
6. Enter Sandman by Metallica : Almost everybody who ever touch a guitar will know how to play the intro.
7. Shoulder to Cry On by Tommy Page : A lovely song that could make you think that being gay is OK.
8. Stand and Fight by Manowar : The song that to be listened to just before the game. It will bring up your spirit, adrenaline and anger (but not your stamina, skill or performance). No wonder we never win any major tournament.
9. Dallabnikufesin by Anthrax : It made those people posing weird act when taking pictures. It also taught us about the proper usage of explicit words such fuck, shit, hell, idiot etc.
10. Leave a Light on For Me : It will remind you of Asko.
11. Would I Lie To You by Charles & Eddie : Arwah Kamal loved this song.
12. U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer : Baggy pants anyone?
13. Mandatory Suicide by Slayer : It was a very-very demonic and dark song. But Noque made it even more satanic by using his out-of-tune and super loud guitar.
14. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx : To remind you of that super macho Mozni Sham Ahmad.
15. Hotel California by Eagles : An easy song that could be played by all guitar players in our batch. (But all of us will also skip the solo part. Not that easy huh?)
16. Master of Puppet by Metallica : Something to show off. Play this song in front of your junior and they will say “Bang….ajar saya lagu ni, boleh?”
17. Mustika by M.Nasir : One of our teacher was named after this song right?
18. Kingston Town by UB40 : In memory of those beruk-beruk.
19. Jump by Kriss Kross : This is the only era when wearing baju terbalik is considered as cool and trendy.
20. Anak Desa by Sudirman : You know it by yourself.


Honque said...

there are so much more to be added to this list.
21. Eternal Flame - The Bangles (bukan bangla)
22. Blood Money - Bon Jovi Young Guns OST
23. Ballad tracks from bon jovi (Never say goodbye, I'll be there for you etc)
24. Im The Man 91 - Anthrax
25. No Coke - Dr Alban
26. Un Deux Trois - Kelas French
27. Bertafakur Gunung... Gunung Jerai di balik awan - lagu choir form 2
28. Lenggang kongkang - Tanya kicap
29. Dont Cry - Guns N Roses
30. November Rain - G N R

Keep it coming boys...

cd said...

heh ko lupa sweet child. satu lagi lagu UB40 yg jadik sound track citer sharon stone - sliver dulu tuh