Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In the news for wrong reason (The Star 17/7/2006)

10 students beat me up, says MCKK boy

KUALA KANGSAR: A student of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar here has alleged that he was beaten up by 10 schoolmates at their hostel on Sunday.

The victim, a Form Four student, was given outpatient treatment at the Kuala Kangsar Hospital following the 2.30pm incident.

His father Mej (R) Ahmad Mohd Kassim said: "They not only kicked and punched my son but also used a plastic broom to scrub my son's back."

He said he rushed here from Kedah after being informed by a teacher.

He said his son told him that the students decided to "teach him a lesson" for breaking a hostel regulation.

"My son admitted that he had gone out of the hostel to eat laksa in town.

Kuala Kangsar OCPD Supt Zakaria Pagan could not be reached for comment.


Honque said...

Ni lah budak koleq zaman sekarang. Kena belasah sikit complain kat bapak masuk paper. Kalau dah kena belasah tu sah sah ada wat salah punya. Kalau zaman kita ada org complain camni mau setengah batch kena buang.

cd said...

KK nyer OCPD tu nama dia ganas la...pagan

MCKK 8993 said...

pagan worshiper tuh...

Anonymous said...

Yang part, "...used a plastic broom to scrub my son's back..." tu apa jenis ragging tu? Ish macam bapok pulak main scrub2... apa budak koleq ni?

Honque said...

kalau time kita dulu aku ingat paling kuat pun potex suruh ada sorang mamat F3 kita pegang penyapu cam pegang M16 takde la nak scrub org pakai penyapu ke apa.