Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bargreaves Ballerz Meeting

Sesapa yang pernah involve dgn Annual Dinner or nak involve dijemput hadir ke MCOBA Penthouse pada 24 Julai 2007 untuk brainstroming session. Original invitaion email below.

Dear Chairman Ballerz et all Ballerz

AS you say, let's do it and let's do it welll. Pak Engku has een the Ballerz No 1 fan since its its inception dan years before that. WE still remember Pak Engku coming to our Penthouse practices to give advice and those thank giving and appreciation party hosted by him.

Don't forget that "Puasa" Cape Ricardo do we had at his anscestral home was his commitment for anything Ballerz. I also remeber him saying that he keep on watching tose lovely DIY tapes of the the dinner and never fail to bring a smile to his face and dare I say that Pak Engku is our Honorary Ballerz. So, in our gratitude to hi, let's put our heads together, take our the old customes, put make-up on our faces and give a performance in honour of the Mantan el-Presidente of MCOBA, which we affectionly call him Pak Engku, our Hononary Ballerz. One for the roads, two for the Ballerz, let's go

In conjuction with that and the forecoming Annual Dinner on the 10 November, I calling all Ballerz, willing and able to coming to the following "istiadat mula kerja and inception party dubbed "Majlis Untuk Renungan Takala Annual Dinner (MURTAD). The details as follows

Place: MCOBA Penthouse
Date 24-7-2007 (Tuesday)
Time: 8.30 pm onwards

So , boys, let the word out. Past Ballerz, present Ballerz and would
be Balllerz, please cum

SPICE 7276
MCOBA Annual Dinner Chairman

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