Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PRU12: 80% Victory to us!

Article from The Malay Mail, 11th March 2008.
12 out of 15 old boys who contested in the recent PRU won.

and they left out Dr Mohd Hatta Mat Ramli(PAS) P31 KUALA KRAI (Class of 73), Dato Kamarul Baharin Abbas, (PKR) P132 TELUK KEMANG (Class of 64), Dr. Mohamad Taslim (PAS) N15 Maharani, Muar (Class of 68) and Dato` Rashid Din, (PKR) P14 MERBOK (Class of 64) also won. That makes it 16 (out of 21? to make the winning percentage of 0.76?).

- D75


tanggang said...

kimaks nik nazmi budak 99 boleh menang DUN. Nasib baik KESS tak masuk bertanding.. boleh menang tu..

faqroul said...

actually 16 out of 21 won, so that's about 76% success rate. i just blogged about it on sunday actually, you can find the full list of the winners there.